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Dec 29, 2020

LaMichael James likes to do his own thing. And for Oregon fans and supporters, they are very thankful for that. It brought him to the Pacific Northwest. And it helped him escape an upbringing that would have ruined someone that lacked his independent spirit. James’ story is a fascinating one. Unique. Trail-blazing. And inspiring. But overcoming his hardships was not an easy process. James’ career at Oregon reflected his upbringing. He was always getting that extra yard, and many argue that if there was any running back in the history of Oregon football that could get you that extra yard, it was him. The yards piled up for James. He rushed for over 5,000 yards in his three-year Oregon career. He was a Heisman finalist. An All-American. A Doak Walker Award winner, an honor given to the nation’s best running back. He played for a national championship. To know why he accomplished what he did, you have to know James’ story of perseverance and drive. And know that those are two traits that he continues to rely on today.